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The Book of Runes by Ralph H Blum

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Imagine by Cara Beaty, Part One

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The Fir Tree

The Fir Tree Part One

The Fir Tree Part Two

This story is sad to me. And yet, I can see myself as the little tree sometimes, always wishing to have been someone else. Or I can see children in this modern day doing the same thing and I weep inside for us all.

But that doesn’t account for all the work I have done. It doesn’t account for where I appreciate those people, or where I do not appreciate those people whatever kind of “tree” they are.

This item simply exists, these attitudes and experiences, in many lives and so the contemplation of it as I read the story taught me to dwell with this ambience in myself and others as well. If you’d like to take away something from what I am saying in video and commentary, it is to get a cup of coffee and sit on your doorstep. Appreciate the wind. Perhaps put your headphones on and listen to music. Mine is Dvorak at the moment and could be Sia next.

Blast from our past (smile)
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Little Tiny by Hans Christian Andersen

Lol BayMax earlier today, such Nappers so we had a restful day, and I finished one tale and began another.

This Fairy Tale, Little Tiny, is a heart-wrenching lesson in how people look at many of us as tiny objects to be used. Being that it is a little woman, we can also see the inherent assumptions made about girls.

Someday, this will not be our plight. But I also have a caution. And that is we cannot denigrate either sex as we balance our lives. This story comes out happy; however, how many of these stories simply show how controlled some people actually are? So I pray now, for us all, as I read this fairy tale and ponder the glory and the hard circumstances many find themselves within, both.

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The Garden of Paradise by Hans Christian Andersen

The Garden of Paradise by Hans Christian Andersen Part One

Hans Christian Andersen’s Garden of Paradise Part Two

The True Story from Uncovered No More

Let us learn together to make Paradise out of complete and total mayhem. To bring to justice that which should be brought to justice with voting. To work, to study, to show them that are criminal that we are together, we are strong, and we are there for each other and yes, we know there is Paradise because we live there and we do not let this bad keep us apart, down, disinherited from our love together as we build upon goodness and mercy in America. It is LOVE NEVER FAILS.